A group of high school seniors is planning their farewell show, when a rumor of a classmate’s attempted suicide starts spreading in the school cafeteria. Everyone in the room has an opinion on what actually happened and what was the cause of it. The story gets wilder and wilder while Mio, the main character of the speculated event, stands still and watches his classmates get lost in their own narrative.

director & script :: MALIN NYQVIST
cinematography :: ALVI PAKARINEN
editing :: ANNA NUUROS
sound design :: LOTTA MÄKI
costume design :: RIINA NIEMINEN
production design :: LOTTA TAARASTI
producer :: MIKAEL SYRJÄLÄ

genre :: fiction, short
duration :: 19 min

production year :: 2020

Festivals & awards
Norwegian International Film Festival of Haugesund, Next Nordic Generation, Norway 2020
Helsinki International Film Festival - Love & Anarchy, R&A Shorts Domestic Competition, Finland 2020